Nearby Attractions

The legendary HaNeviim Street is at the historical and cultural heart of Jerusalem, featuring dozens of historic and architectural landmarks. The golden age of HaNeviim Street came in the mid-nineteenth century and lasted until 1917, when Ottoman rule ended in the country. 

The Old City


There is a magical quality about the Old City of Jerusalem that does not exist anywhere else in the world.


Perhaps it is due to the glorious history of the towering stone walls and ancient buildings, or the sacred atmosphere that surrounds the holy sites of Jewish, Christian, and Moslem religions. 

The Old City was originally built by King David in 1004 B.C.E. and has always been considered the center of the world. Ancient maps show the three continents known at the time: Europe, Asia, and Africa, situated in a circle with Jerusalem at their center. 

Mamilla Boulevard


Mamilla (Hebrew: ממילא‎) is a neighbourhood of Jerusalem that was established in the late 19th century outside the Old City, west of theJaffa Gate. Until 1948 it was a mixed Jewish-Arab business district. Between 1948 and 1967, it was located along the armistice linebetween the Israeli and Jordanian-held sector of the city, and many buildings were destroyed by Jordanian shelling. The Israeli government approved an urban renewal project for Mamilla, apportioning land for residential and commercial zones, including hotels and office space. The Mamilla Mall opened in 2007.

Machane Yeuda


The Machane Yehuda market, also called the shuk, is one of the most beautiful markets and familiar icons in Israel. The market it located in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and its character adds to the city’s unique flavor.

In Machane Yehuda you can find everything, ranging from clothes to housewares; flowers, art, accessories; and every variety of fresh and specialty food: sweets, baked goods, meat, fish, eggs, produce, spices, dairy products and so much more. The shuk is also a great venue for Jerusalem’s night life, with restaurants, bars and intimate music clubs.

The First Station


The First Station is an outdoor mall located on the site of the Old Train Station in Jerusalem. Using the original train station buildings, the new “First Station” is a vibrant place to eat, play and have fun. Many of Jerusalem’s festivals have events at the First Station and it is at the beginning of a great walking/bike path.


Other Activities at First Station:

  • Kids Gymboree Climbing Station

  • Antique Carousel

  • Kiddie Train

  • 4D Movie










Mea She'arim


Mea She'arim is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel. It is populated mainly by Haredi Jews and was built by the Old Yishuv.


Walking through this Haredim area is a walk into Eastern Europe before Hitler. It's a view of a lifestyle that has pretty much vanished.