1. When you visit our Site, you may provide us with certain personal information,

such as: name, address, phone number, email and any other information you

choose to provide. We may collect this information at various places on our Site.

2. In order to provide you service, we may use your personal data, such as, inter

alia, information about your use of the Site, and information about your mobile

device or computer (“Personal Information”).

3. The Personal Information may be collected and used to:

●  provide services to you and improve the Site and/or the services;

●  marketing purposes;

●  ensure proper performance of the Site;

●  analyze and manage our businesses;

●  improve our customer service;

●  contact you or provide you with relevant data with regard to the Site or the


●  conduct customer surveys and/or marketing research.

4. Each time you use the Site, we may automatically collect certain types of

information. Some examples of automatic information we may collect are as


●  We may record your internet service provider’s address, your internet

protocol or IP address and the type of handheld or mobile device.

●  We may collect a record of your activity or your “clickstream” while visiting

the Site.

●  We may use “cookies” of different types to recognize your computer or

mobile device. A cookie is a small text file that a website, online application,

or e-mail may save to your internet browser and/or your computer’s hard

drive for use in subsequent visits to sites.

●  We may collect any information you enter, share or that can be obtained

from your use of the Site.

5. We may share your personal information with third parties, except for sensitive

information such as credit card information and I.D numbers, including with our

services providers.

6. We will be able to share your information with third parties in the following


●  We will obtain your consent for sharing;

●  If we are required to do so by law or legal process (such as a court order or


●  To establish, exercise, or defend legal rights and proprietary rights of the


●  In case of legal dispute between you and the Site which will require sharing

the information;

●  If you violate the terms and conditions of the Site or if you do through the

site, or in any connection with the site, actions that are contrary or

presumed to be illegal, or any attempt to perform such actions;

●  When we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical

or other harm or financial loss;

●  We reserve the right to transfer your information in the event we sell or

transfer all or a portion of our business assets (including, without limitation,

in the event of a merger, acquisition, joint venture, reorganization,

dissolution, or liquidation).

7. Some examples of things service providers may do that may involve your

personal information are:

●  Develop, host or maintain the Site on our behalf;

●  Aggregate customer information and/or improve customer service. We may

then share such aggregated information with prospective marketing

partners and advertisers and social media such as Facebook, Instagram,

Google. Taboola etc.

●  For statistical purposes – We may use third-party analytics and

personalization services to analyze site metrics and performance, analyze

our visitors preferences.

8. These service providers are granted access to some or all of your personal

information as necessary and may use cookies (as defined above) or other

automatic collection technology on our behalf.


CalOPPA – California Consumer Privacy Statement


1. This California Consumer Privacy Statement supplements the Global Privacy.

Notice and applies solely to consumers in the state of California. This

Statement does not apply to Site personnel. This California Consumer Privacy

Statement uses certain terms that have the meaning given to them in the

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and its implementing regulations

(the “CCPA”).

2. Categories of personal information are collected. The personal information

that the Site collects falls into the following categories as established by the

California Consumer Privacy Act:

●  Identifiers such as your name, alias, address, phone number, or IP


●  Personal information, such as a credit card number;

●  Commercial information, such as purchase and content streaming activity;

●  Internet or other electronic network activity information, including content

interaction information, such as content downloads, streams, and playback


●  Geolocation data, such as the location of your device or computer;

●  Inference data, such as information about your purchase preferences.

3. Categories of personal information disclosed for a business purpose. The

personal information that the Site discloses about consumers for business

purpose fall into the following categories established by the California

Consumer Privacy Act:

 ● Identifiers such as your name, address, phone number, or IP address, for

example, if we use a third party carrier to deliver your order;

●  Personal information, such as a credit card number, for example, if we use

a third-party payment processor;

●  Your age, gender, or other protected classifications, for example, if you

choose to participate in a survey distributed by a survey provider;

●  Commercial information;

●  Internet or other electronic network activity information, such as if we use a

service provider to help us gather crash reports for analyzing the health of

our devices and services.

4. Right to Request Access to or Deletion of Personal Information: you may have

the right under the California Consumer Privacy Act to request information

regarding the collection of your personal information by the Site, or access to

or deletion of your personal information. If you wish to access this information,

please contact us using the contact information provided below.

5. No sale of personal information. The Site has not sold any personal

information of consumers, as those terms are defined under the California

Consumer Privacy Act.

6. No Discrimination. The Site will not discriminate against any consumer for

exercising their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act.




1. Any user who leaves details on the site and is added to the site's mailing list

approves the use of their details for the purpose of receiving marketing

information, updates, and advertisements that the site will send from time to


2. A user who has provided such details will be subject to the mailing instructions

detailed in the Terms and Conditions hereinafter.

3. It is prohibited to leave details of another person on the site without their

consent and / or without their presence in front of the screen while leaving the

details and without explaining all the Terms and Conditions to them.

4. When leaving details on the site, the user will be asked to provide personal

information such as: first name, last name, and an active e-mail address.

Providing partial or incorrect information may prevent the user from using the

site services and prevent the site from making contact if necessary. In case of

a change in any of the information provided by the user, the new information

must be updated on the website.

5. It is clarified that there is no legal obligation to provide details on the site

however without their submission it will not be possible to receive marketing

content and updates from the site.

6. The site will not use the information provided except for in accordance with

the site's privacy policy which is an integral part of these Terms and


7. Leaving details on the site and consent to receive marketing content includes,

among other things, receiving marketing content, promotions, updates, and

discounts offered to registered users.

8. Mailing approval (receiving of marketing content) as aforesaid, constitutes the

User's consent to the submission of advertisements in accordance with the

Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (Amendment No. 40) – 2008

(the "Communications Law").

9. It is clarified that the user has the option to remove himself from the site

mailing list at any time by clicking on the button "Unsubscribe" that appears at

the bottom of any e-mail sent by the site, or by emailing the site stating that

they wish to be removed from the mailing list. As long as the user has not

removed himself from the mailing list, the site may transfer direct mail to the

user subject to the Communications Law.

10. Mailing information should not be construed as a promise of any outcome

and/or warranty for the service offered therein.

11. Mailing as a whole, including all the information contained therein, is offered

as is, and will be as accurate and correct as possible, however, the

information may not be complete, and technical or other errors in the

information could happen.

12. The user confirms that he will not have any claim in connection with mailing

advertisements and/or advertisements displayed on the website, including

their location on the website. It is clarified that with regard to advertisements

displayed under the auspices of a third party, the site has no interference in

the selection of the advertisements displayed, the truth of their content, and

the order in which they appear.

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